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The Adesar cotton throw features subtle open-weave stripes and a beautiful natural texture. Locally grown desert cotton and variances in the weave deliver a unique feel and appearance to each piece. Use as a throw, wrap or beach towel.

The epitome of slow, unhurried production, each throw has been carefully crafted by the hands of master weavers in the desert region of Kutch, India. True to the Khadi process, the cotton is handpicked; all fibres are handspun, handwoven to the width of the loom resulting in beautiful selvedge edges and the tassels on each piece are finished by hand. These throws represent exclusivity and luxury that only truly handmade products can offer.

Khadi is one of the original processes of handspun and handwoven Indian textiles. Throughout India as with much of the world, synthetic and machine woven fabrics dominate and the art of handweaving is increasingly rare. Few weavers still practice true Khadi production today and we are delighted to introduce these throws to our range, helping to ensure such traditions aren’t lost in the modern world.

180 x 100cm
Organic Cotton
Handwash with gentle detergent