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The Hamsa hand is recognized as an ancient form of protection against the evil eye.

There is no longer the need to resort to unsustainable rubber and non-biodegradable phone accessories. Made entirely out of bamboo and natural/recycled rubber, these iPhone cases not only look good and feel sleek, but also impact the environment in a completely positive way. This rubber uses over ten times less energy during the manufacturing process. In addition, with every phone case purchased, you are directly supporting three vital aspects of our world; fauna, flora and humanity. Part of the proceeds will go towards the conservation of sea turtles in Wider Caribbean Basin, another towards replanting bamboo forests and third, towards the independent artist who thoughtfully designed your bamboo iPhone case.

Shock resistant
No chipping or fading
Unique art piece - each design is meticulously crafted by a specially commissioned artist. From Thailand to Australia, Shellturcase work with independent artists from all around the world. No two designs are alike so you can be sure of a unique design.
Eco-friendly manufacturing - each design is transferred onto the bamboo shell using a water-based discharge method of printing. This ensures a completely eco-friendly manufacturing process from start to end.

Every Shelltur Bamboo case meets the official measurement standards set by Apple for iPhone 6 cases.

5.6 inches long x 2.8 inches wide and only weighs 0.55 ounces.

For iPhone 6. If you would like another case size please contact us as they are available to order.